Technology-enabled and online teaching require skills and knowledge in creating content, acquiring resources, facilitating learning experiences, and designing effective online assessments. As a foundational step to building capacity in these area educators need to extend their range of expertise.

Besides achieving mastery in their own discipline, educators need:

  • An understanding and appreciation of what research has to say about how people learn.
  • The ability to curate, develop, use, and share appropriate educational resources.
  • Skill in discerning the possibilities—and limitations—of technology to support teaching and learning.
  • Professional learning networks through collaborations with other disciplines.
  • A scholarly approach to teaching.
  • A willingness to experiment: to try, reflect, and learn from new approaches, pedagogies, and technologies to support learning (Bates, 2014).

All of these topics are covered in the six modules provided here. These modules are grounded in the framework of Anatomy of 21st Century Educators (Bates, 2014).

Central to all of this is the creation of a Domain of One’s Own.

The modules are designed to be sequential, with the knowledge you acquire from one module supporting your exploration in the next. However, you can also use each module on its own.

You are welcome to adapt the modules as part of a facilitated learning experience offered either online, in a face-to-face workshop, or a mix of both. We encourage you to explore the content, consider the resources, experience the activities and reflect on your practice.

If you plan to use the modules in a self-paced format, expect to invest three hours for each.

Your input, comments, and feedback are important to us. Please let us know if these modules were useful for you, or if you have any suggestions for building on these resources.