Endorsement is to express support or approval of, publicly and definitely.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2022

The eCampusOntario Strategic Plan, 2021-24: Digital by Design seeks to build a permanent foundation that supports rich, equitable, inclusive and flexible digital educational experiences in collaboration with our member institutions.

The Ontario Extend micro-credential program provides a flexible digital learning experience which supports foundational knowledge and builds digital fluency skills that transform ones’ teaching practice. Ontario Extend further supports the selection and appropriate use of emerging technologies and new pedagogical practices for online and flexible learning environments.

As postsecondary institutions across the Province of Ontario engage in digital transformation efforts, they are adopting and adapting this openly-licensed program to complement current professional development opportunities and partnering with eCampusOntario to share the many reasons why they value and support the program.



Empowered Educator badge. 1 Endorsement.

What is Partner Endorsement?

Partner Endorsement is;

1. A statement that demonstrates institutional support and publicly recognizes the value of the Ontario Extend program.

2. An opportunity for institutions to promote transferrable professional development (PD) pathways or equivalencies to complement existing faculty PD opportunities. 

The partner endorsement statement, or show of support for Ontario Extend, becomes encoded into the digital badges learners earn as they complete the modules, and remains part of the badge indefinitely.

Why endorse the Ontario Extend program?

Demonstrates leadership in the micro-credential approach to professional learning

Affirms the institution values quality tech-enabled teaching and learning 

Highlights a commitment to nurturing digitally literate talent

Exhibits dedication to provide innovative and flexible learning environments to meet the needs of learners

Fanshawe College endorses the achievement of the Teacher for Learning Module Badge as part of the Ontario Extend program. Achievement of this badge indicates an understanding of how students learn and how to design effective learning activities and experiences.

Fanshawe College

Current endorsement partners

Seven institutions in Ontario have shown their support and have formally endorsed the Ontario Extend program. Each of these institutions offers the program as a compliment to their existing teaching and learning programming or has customized the content to meet the needs of their faculty.

Can we create stackable PD pathways?

Yes! Conestoga College has become the first institution in Ontario to develop a stackable professional development pathway which enables Ontario Extend program participants to apply the “Empowered Educator” micro-credential as credit toward their recently launched Certificate in Post-Secondary Teaching!

You can be next! Does the Ontario Extend program “stack up” to existing professional development at your institution? Have a look at the module outcomes and competencies.

Become an Endorsement Partner!

Educational leaders within Ontario recognize that there are many benefits in collaborating to support a broad range of technology-enabled teaching and learning programs. eCampusOntario invites you to collaborate on an initiative to show and share your support for the Ontario Extend program. Please complete the form and a team member will be in touch with you soon!

I would like more information about becoming and Endorsement Partner!

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