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The tools below can be used to enhance and improve engagement in your courses. Feel free to add others not listed here to our padlet.


Video Tools

Audio Tools

Editing and Annotating Tools

Polling and Formative Feedback Tools

Quizzing Tools



  • Open-Sankore: Interactive whiteboard software
  • Evernote: A “freemium” cross-platform app for note taking and productivity
  • Notability: Apple app for note taking on tablets
  • ZuluPad: A personal wiki-like notepad
  • TiddlyWiki: A non-linear multimodal notebook

Presentation Sharing

Screen Capture and Screen Sharing

Collaborative Learning Tools

  • Trello: Project collaboration tool
  • Wikispaces: Educational wikis
  • PBworks: Online team collaboration
  • Evernote: Online note taking and collaborating
  • Skype: Online messaging and communicating
  • Padlet: Collaboration tool for sharing items on a wall
  • Pinterest: Collaborative pin board
  • Dribbble: Show-and-tell tool
  • Glogster: Graphic blog creator
  • Zoho: similar suite to Google Drive
  • Etherpad: online editing and collaboration tools
  • MeetingWords: Text Editor for the web
  • Web-based word processor

Interactive learning object creators





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