Scholar Module


Sharing Your SoTL Plan

Now that you have completed the sections of the Scholarship module, you can begin to present your ideas for your peers and colleagues.

Extend Activity 

One last activity is required to complete this module. It includes the following components:

  • Share your SoTL Research Plan in the SoTL Folder. If you worked on your project plan as a Google Doc, move a copy of it to the SoTL Research Plan Folder. To do this, first visit the folder. From the dropdown menu under label SoTL Folder, select Add To My Drive. This places a reference to this folder in your own Google Drive. Now navigate in your own Drive to find your Research Plan document. Right or control click on the name in the directory listing, and use the Move command to list your document in the SoTL Folder (Note: this does not remove your file, it places a reference for it inside the shared folder). On the other hand, if you composed your plan as a Word document, visit the SoTL Folder. To share your file in this directory, drag and drop your file into the folder.
  • Link / Upload your plan in your response to the Share Your SoTL Research Plan  activity. If you are using a Google Doc, click the Share button in the top right, then Get Sharable Link to find the web address for sharing your document for others to view. Use this address when you add your response to this activity or upload the current version of your MS Word document version.
  • Write a reflective response. Your response to this activity should reflect your thinking from the beginning of the Scholarship module to the point now where you have planned a research project. Describe your research questions, the prior research you will undertake to inform your research design, your plan of action, and a dissemination strategy.
  • Visualize where the project will go. Also in your response, insert an open-licensed or original image that represents the direction you intend to go with this SoTL research (for help in finding images, see the Consider This activity from the Curator module.

As evidence of completion, please plan to enter the web address for your response to the Share Your SoTL Research Plan activity in the Scholar badge submission form.

Module Checklist

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