Ontario Extend Summer 2021 Offering!

This summer we are offering all six Extend modules as facilitated courses with optional synchronous and asynchronous check-ins delivered in the Brightspace Learning Management System. Beginning June 7th and with continuous enrollment through to August 28th, our flexible approach to facilitated delivery offers Ontario’s post-secondary educators multiple opportunities during this 12-week period to engage with each one of the six program modules in a way that meets their busy schedules and is free of charge.

This means you can register at any time and participate in course components at your own pace and/or with your provincial colleagues in order to enhance your learning journey and motivate you to completion. These facilitation efforts are led by eCampusOntario Extend facilitators who are excited to guide you through the course content in a way that is flexible with no strings attached. Our program is available in French through a self-paced learning experience.

Our flexible delivery schedule offers multiple opportunities to engage with the Extend program with no sign-up required to attend any of these facilitated sessions – you can mix and match as you please! Educators have options of attending any the following sessions:

  • Daytime: 3 daytime sessions per module on Mondays & Friday from 10-11am
  • After Hours: 3 after hours sessions per module on Mondays & Friday from 7-8pm
  • Saturday Extenders: Extend “crash course” on Saturdays from 10am-4pm
extend summer schedule

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