Domain of One’s Own

Domain of One’s Own (DoOO) is a place on the Web that you can personally manage and design. There, you can choose what you share (post) and how you represent yourself online.

The premise is different from many other online activities that operate within some infrastructure built by large companies or institutions (e.g., the LMS, social media sites, Google Tools). While simple to use, these apps often exchange convenience for your personal information. With Domain of One’s Own, you are in control.

Domain of One’s Own is more than a blog or a website. It is an entire digital space that is yours. You set up the domain, create a simple “calling card” site for yourself, and begin a blog to document your learning and create a personal portfolio that belongs completely to you.

Digital identity and data ownership are at the core of Domain of One’s Own. It’s about creating a digital presence, learning how to use digital tools, exploring the possibilities of digital spaces, and defining who you are online.

The Domain of One’s Own resources have been designed to support the Ontario Extend Summer Institute These resources can be adapted for individual or institutional use.