Ontario Extend

These resources were originally created for the Northern Capacity Building project, led by Northern College, an initiative among the ten publicly funded Northern Ontario post-secondary institutions. The project focused on designing a collaborative approach to knowledge building, skill development, and resource sharing to support the technology-enabled learning initiatives of the institutions. 

The resources were piloted with a group of 30 participants from the 10 Northern Colleges and Universities during the Extend Institute, in August 2017. The Institute was an immersive, experiential learning opportunity where the participants were challenged to teach and learn with different modes and formats, to create and collaborate using digital technology tools, and to discern what approaches may be used to design significant technology-enabled learning experiences. A goal of the Institute was to facilitate the development of a professional learning network of educators who champion and advocate for technology-enabled and online course and program development for Northern Ontario.

The  Ontario Extend resources are intended to be a starting point, an activity-oriented set of challenges  to stimulate further thought and collaboration.

All of the resources are openly licensed (CC BY-NC-SA)  and available for all Ontario post-secondary institutions to adapt, reuse and remix.  Unless otherwise noted, the drawings in the Modules are done by Giulia Forsythe and shared under a CC0 License.   


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